It is simple to forget that your dishwasher can also get dirty when you depend on it to do most of the heavy cleaning in your kitchen. Aside from resulting in poor cleaning efficiency (such as your dishes are still dirty after washing), dirty dishwashers also affect the lifespan of the appliance. Your dishwasher might have to work harder to do what it’s made to do and causing more damage and stress to the appliance.

If you don’t want to constantly hire St George Utah appliance repair, here are a couple of tips that you can follow to get the most out of your dishwasher:

Clean The Filters Every Month

You need to get rid of the lower rack of the appliance and get rid of the cylindrical tube that is found on the unit’s floor if you want to clean the filter. Your filter is the catch basin for all bigger particles of food that are stuck on your dishes. A couple of dishwashers have hard food disposers or self-cleaning filters that can help the bigger food particles wash down the drain. If you’ve got this type of dishwasher, your filter needs less maintenance.

On the other hand, manual filters will accumulate these particles over time. This leaves a foul smell on your machine and your dishes dirty with pieces of food left behind. Fortunately, it’s easy to get rid of manual filters and clean them. After you get rid of the filter, use soapy and warm water to thoroughly hand-wash it. You can also use an old toothbrush or a sponge to get rid of stubborn food particles. After you clean it, make sure you place it back and secure it.

Use a Rinse Aid

It can be difficult to feel like your newly cleaned dishes are spotless if you see spots of hard water stains on your glassware and dishes. Fortunately, you can use a rinse aid to help in the drying process. It will lower the water tension in the appliance so that it will sheen off of both the water tank of your dishwasher and your dishes. Also, a rinse aid helps to dry your dishes quicker. Thus, you can shorten the heat cycle of your dishwasher to save money.

Use the Right Detergent

Your dishwasher might be missing out on the combinations of enzymes that it has to kill if you are only utilizing a powder detergent or a gel detergent. Dishwasher pods offer a pre-measured tablet of a combination of cleaning solutions to offer your dishes the cleanliness it needs.

There are a couple of eco-friendly dishwasher pod brands. But, though they might be cleaner for the environment, they aren’t cleaner for the dishes. Detergents nowadays are better for the environment compared to the years before. The reason for this is that there’s already a law that stops the brands from using phosphates. But, particular plant-based dishwasher detergents won’t offer your dishes and your glasses the clean and shine that you will find in other detergents.